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My child has witnessed Domestic Abuse


Around 1 in 5 children have been exposed to domestic abuse.



All children witnessing domestic violence are experiencing emotional abuse.


Children will react in different ways to being brought up in a home where there is violence, and things such as age, gender, culture and personality will all play a part on how they're affected.


They may feel they are to blame, may feel angry, guilty, insecure, alone, frightened, powerless, or confused. They may have mixed feelings, both towards the abuser, and towards the non-abusing parent.  


Violence can interfere with your child/ren's lives in other ways. They may feel unable to invite friends round (or may be prevented from doing so) out of shame, fear, or concern about what their friends may see.


They may feel guilty, and think the violence is their fault, or that they ought to be able to stop it in some way.


Worry, disturbed sleep and lack of concentration can all affect schoolwork. If you're worried about your child, there is help available. 


How to get help


You can report Domestic Abuse to COMPASS or Essex Police.


Further information and support


NSPCC - offer advice and support for women, children and young people.


Refuge - offer support for women and children affected by Domestic Abuse.


Safer Places - offers holistic support services to adult and child survivors of Domestic Abuse across Essex and Hertfordshire. 


Women's aid