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Business Support Team


Karen Hammett - Business and Performance Manager

Overall Board Manager and Manager of the Support Team. Responsible for ensuring the effectiveness of Board business processes including the production of the Business plan, agenda planning for the Executive Board and overseeing Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews. Acts as professional advisor to the statutory partners (Health Local Authority and Police), advising and supporting them to ensure delivery of all aspects of the Board’s statutory responsibilities. Also overseeing the development and effectiveness of the Board’s sub-committees and Stay Safe Groups to ensure linkages with the priorities of the Board as set out in the Business Plan. Accountable for ensuring the strategic direction of the ESCB aligns with other strategic partnerships where appropriate and leads on regional and national matters for local safeguarding partnership arrangements. Also liaises with national bodies such as the Department for Education and the National Safeguarding Practice Review Panel.


Liz Kirby - ESCB Practice Development Manager
Responsible for all learning and development activity connected to the Board including disseminating and evidencing the learning from reviews. Linking with the voluntary and community sector and co-ordinating the content of the Effective Support for Children and Families in Essex.


Jodie Attreed – Project Officer for the Board
Provides administrative support for all Board activity, Board managers, the Independent Facilitator and all workstream meetings. Responsible for monitoring the Board’s budget and overseeing most finance matters. Assists with specific project work as directed by the Business Manager and Practice Development Manager. Acts as Office Manager.


Ruth Salter - Project Officer for the Board 

Responsible for administering Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews (CSPR) and other reviews including arranging one/two-day reviews and liaising with relevant partners and independent reviewers. Also assists with specific project work including research as requested by the Business Manager.


Anna Russell - Training Administrator

Responsible for administering the Board’s learning and development activity including liaising with trainers, processing on-line applications, allocating places, invoicing for fee paying courses, co-ordinating the evaluation process and issuing Certificates of Attendance. 


Geraldine Rolls - Project Officer

Supporting ESCB learning and development activities. Responsible for embedding initiatives across the partnership, including disseminating and evidencing the learning from reviews. Provides administrative support for Board and Sub-Committee activity where appropriate.


Sally-Ann Millar - Child Exploitation Project Manager (Role sits across social care and the ESCB)

Responsible for strengthening the understanding of Board Members in their safeguarding and information sharing duties to ensure that any approach established around CE in Essex is coordinated and effective. Working towards delivering a more transparent, robust CE approach to ensure that families within Essex are suitably safeguarded and supported.


Stephanie Rosser - Senior Communications Officer 

Communications lead for the ESCB, responsible for maintaining and updating the website including accessibility testing. Responsible for engaging with, and increasing, our audience over social media and running awareness campaigns, sending bulletins and developing good relationships with partner comms leads. Comms lead for all Child Exploitation work including managing campaigns and media work.