Concerned about a child or young person? Call 0345 603 7627

Request support for a child

For members of the public:


For those working or volunteering with children and families please ensure you are requesting the correct level of support.


The Children and Families Hub continue to offer a consultation line for professionals providing advice and guidance. This can be accessed by calling 0345 603 7627 and asking for the 'Consultation Line'. This phone line is open Monday to Thursday 9am to 5:30pm, and Fridays 9am to 4:30pm.


Early Help and Effective Support for Children and Families

Early help aims to give children, young people and families the right support at the right time, to reduce the need for higher level interventions. The Essex County Council website has resources to help you understand the level of need and templates to help you get started. Find out more.



Early Help drop-ins


These sessions are designed to give partners across Essex who work with children, young people and families the chance to:



Join a session

Area Date Time Link to join
North Essex Tuesdays 3.30pm to 4.30pm Join the Teams call
Mid Essex Wednesdays 12pm to 1.05pm Join the Teams call
South Essex Wednesdays 12:30pm to 1:30pm Join the Teams call
West Essex Thursdays 12pm to 1pm Join the Teams call


For more information please see this flyer.


Please note that these sessions do not replace work undertaken by the Children and Families Hub.


Finding the right level of support for children and young people

There are lots of ways you can get support for children, young people and their families. To get the right help at the right time, different needs have been split into four levels - explained on the Effective Support Windscreen.


Level 1 - Universal services

Level 2 - Additional support and early help

Level 3 - Multi-disciplinary support and Family Solutions

Level 4 - Specialist intervention


Find out more about each level.


Services available

For families who need additional support or early help the Directory of services contains information about national and local groups. It will usually be the service who knows the child best who will lead the support. 



Request for information portal

Enquiries and requests for information from Children and Families must be made using this link. 


Managing Allegations in the Workforce

Please refer to the Safer Recruitment pages for information about allegations in the workforce and whistleblowing.