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Child in Need Reviewing Service


The Child in Need Reviewing Service (CINRS) dedicates itself to supporting Children & Families in Essex to consistently deliver good and outstanding practice to Children in Need as well as providing independent overview, scrutiny and supportive challenge to the most complex Child in Need (CIN) cases. Requests to the CINRS for a service can only be made from Essex County Council Children & Family Teams but can be influenced and motivated through multi-agency discussions.



This Child in Need Reviewing Service offers a range of services, which include:





Complexity in CIN practice is understood in the context of both practice features that present challenges and also relationships that aid or inhibit work being progressed. The below criteria aims to help in identifying complexity in CIN cases and is not an exhaustive list:


  1. Repeated Patterns of Social Care Involvement
  2. Step Down from Child Protection Plans (where there is an identified need)
  3. Pre-Birth Work
  4. Where Professionals/Family may feel ‘stuck’ with case direction
  5. Where drift is noted
  6. Conflict/Difficulty evident with the Professional or Family Network
  7. Large Sibling Groups
  8. Parents who are CIC/Care Leavers
  9. Where Robust Exit/Sustainability planning is required for example where Neglect is a feature
  10. Where a Supervision Order has been granted
  11. Emerging thematic practice themes, for example - Criminal Exploitation, Working with Parental Learning Difficulties or Mental Health)
  12. When there are Transient Families & work across LA Boundaries is required



Child in Need Reviewing Officers


The Child in Need Reviewing Service is delivered by 7 Child in Need Reviewing Officers across Essex (1.5 per quadrant), who are qualified and experienced social workers located within the Professional Standards and Audit Service. They are supported by the following 2 Team Managers and can be contacted via the below email addresses should you require any additional information:




Effective delivery and best standards


To ensure that Child in Need meetings/reviews are delivered effectively and to achieve the best standards, CINROs will: