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Child in Need

Child in Need Reviewing Service

This service provides an independent chairperson for Child in Need Review meetings, to give additional challenge and support to everyone at the Child in Need Review so that the best service possible is provided to children, young people and their families. It is not a service for children and young people who are in care or are subject of Child Protection Plans because meetings for these children and young people already have independent chairpersons.



The service is accepting referrals from social work team for cases where:


The service is delivered by 8 Child in Need Reviewing Officers (CINROs) – 2 in each quadrant. The CINROs are qualified and experienced social workers who are located within the Professional Standards and Audit Service. The service is committed to making sure multi-agency child in need plans are clear and effective.


The CINROs will undertake preparatory work and then chair Child in Need Reviews. They will:


If you would like more information please contact:

CINRS Team Manager: Kate Adams:

CINRS Team Manager: Gillian Hobbs:


Children in Need Practice Guidance - May 2017


Learning and Development

Please see the learning and development section for further information and available dates for Child in Need training.