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Choking, strangulation and suffocation


The accident that fills parents with dread. These accidents most often happen when babies and young children, choke on food or vomit, get strangled on things like blind cords, suffocate on a nappy sack or when sleeping on a sofa.


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Suffocation information from CAPT

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Blind cords:

Download Blind Cord safety poster

RoSPA Blind Cord Safety


Nappy sacks:

BABIES CAN SUFFOCATE ON NAPPY SACKS - Always keep nappy sacks out of reach.

Babies will naturally grasp anything and put it to their mouths, and nappy sacks can kill.

Download Nappy Sack safety poster



People tend to think of falls as a part of growing up. To some degree they are. But babies’ heads are twice as big as ours, which makes them top-heavy. Developing brains are delicate. Falls from changing tables, beds and even a fall out of an open window can cause serious head injury.


Information about falls from CAPT




Everything goes in the mouth. Unfortunately young children are more likely to suffer serious consequences if they swallow something harmful because they are smaller, have faster metabolic rates and their bodies are less able to neutralise harmful chemicals. Unexpected dangers such as painkillers, button batteries and washing tabs/pods can lie around the home.

Information about poisoning from CAPT


Liquitabs and button batteries:

Dangers of liquitabs - download poster

Dangers of button batteries - download poster


Burns and scalds


Hot drinks and hair straighteners can cause nasty burns. While far less common, bath water scalds are also horrendously damaging – small children lack the strength and dexterity to get themselves out of hot water if they’ve fallen in or turned on the hot tap. A small child’s skin is thin and delicate.


Information about burns and scalds from CAPT

Burns and scalds safety cards - CAPT




Unlike in the movies, drowning is silent. Babies and small children can drown in just 5cm of water. Older children who can swim can still get into difficulties. So a parent who’s stepped out of the bathroom to grab a towel, or adults around the pool or inside the villa may not realise until it’s too late. Garden ponds are a risk for the same reason.


Information about drowning from CAPT

More about water safety.


Smoke Alarms


It is important to have a working smoke alarm on every floor of your home. Preparing and practicing an escape plan is also critical - it could be the most valuable time you ever spend.

Follow these simple steps to ensure you can be warned at the first sign of a fire and that you have a clear escape plan to make sure you and your family are safely out of the house:




Furniture Safety


Children love to climb. But death, or serious injury, may occur if furniture or a TV were to fall on a young child.

Furniture safety poster

Furniture safety leaflet (select 'booklet' when printing for a5 leaflet format)