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Risk in the Community Pathway


RIC Record

Risk in the Community Records are assessments carried out by allocated workers in Social Care to determine the risk level for children experiencing/suspected of experiencing, exploitation. They outline the child’s vulnerabilities plus the community threats to them, as well as their strengths and what should happen next. They use the Thinking Tool to support their exploration. If a child is considered to be at high risk of exploitation (professionals feel confident that they are a victim of exploitation) then a RIC Meeting will be convened to develop a plan and the plan will be shared in MACE 1 meetings for oversight by the partnership.


Risk in the Community Meetings


RIC Chats

A RIC Chat is a chance for children and parents to have a chat.


Risk Levels – Quick Guide


High Risk – Known "It is known that exploitation is taking place”

The professional group is confident that it is highly probable that the child is a victim of exploitation.  There will be information from a number of sources indicating signs of exploitation, this may also include the parent’s view.


Medium Risk - Suspected “It is suspected that exploitation is taking place”

The professional group is uncertain that the child is currently a victim of exploitation and consider further enquiries required to help determine this.  There will be emerging concerns and grey areas that require further exploration, including seeking information from a wider range of sources.


Low Risk - Vulnerable “Vulnerable child but no exploitation taking place”

The child has multiple factors that could mean they are vulnerable to being exploited, but there is no current indicators that exploitation is taking place.