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Missing & Child Exploitation (MACE)


MACE 1 and MACE 2 meetings

The Missing & Child Exploitation (MACE) meeting is one meeting but in two parts to enable effective, timely and efficient information sharing.


MACE meetings monitor and review multi-agency activity and responses to known and potential Child Exploitation and trafficking across Essex within the four quadrants. It also considers children who run away or go missing from home, care or school recognising they are vulnerable to being targeted for sexual exploitation. Some children and young people are vulnerable to exploitation after going missing, however not all missing children are exploited.


MACE meetings Part 1 and Part 2 are co-Chaired by ECC Social Care and Essex Police. Membership is strategic and includes ESCB, ECC Social Care Children & Families (various representatives), Essex Police (various representatives), District Council safeguarding leads, Youth Offending Service, Health (various representatives), Education Access Team, The Children’s Society, Youth Service and Family Solutions. MACE 2 meetings additionally include the Community Safety Partnerships, British Transport Police and National Probation Service.

MACE Part 1 takes place monthly and MACE Part 2 takes place quarterly. This is a multi-agency meeting with overall governance provided by ESCB CE & Missing Subcommittee. To enable scrutiny and oversight by the Essex Safeguarding Children Board (ESCB), MACE meetings report directly into the ESCB CE & Missing Sub-Committee, which in turn reports annually to the ESCB, and the Chairs for each quadrant are required to submit a report twice a year.


MACE 1 reviews plans for individual victims of Child Exploitation and/or those whom are most vulnerable from missing episode(s). These are children assessed as HIGH RISK.


The aims of MACE 1 are to:




MACE 2 explores the current local picture of exploitation through analysing trends/patterns and identifying vulnerable locations (suspected exploitation occurring) and hotspots (known exploitation occurring). MACE 2 provides a district to countywide oversight of exploitation.

It focuses on:

Further details about the MACE arrangements can be found in the RIC & Missing Arrangements (2022).


Guidance for MACE Partners at MACE 2 Meetings

Information that would be useful to bring to the Meeting for sharing with other MACE Partners and generating group discussion consistently across all MACE 2 Meetings.


1. Community Safety Partnership (CSP) Leads



Caroline Wiggins (Epping Forest District Council) will ask for a countywide update from Trading Standards ahead of each MACE 2 Meeting.

2. Essex Police



As the bullet points may be applicable to multiple attendees, it is suggested that it is left to the attendees as to which points they are able to provide information on, as this may differ from meeting to meeting.


Please note that the Op Raptor attendee will be either the Op Raptor DI or DS. If the Raptor DI is available, they will attend.

3. Health



4. Education