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Be Water Aware Week

Last updated by on Tuesday, May 2, 2023


Last week was Be Water Aware Week and as the weather begins to warm up it's an important reminder of how to stay safe around water.


Tragically, more than 700 people drown in the UK and Ireland every year and many more suffer life-changing injuries. It is important that you are aware of how you can keep yourself and those around you safe.


Whenever you are around water:

  • STOP and THINK - Look for the dangers, always read the signs
  • STAY TOGETHER - Never swim alone - always go with friends or family

In an emergency:

  • CALL 999 - Shout for help and phone 999
  • FLOAT - If you fall in, float or swim on your back. Throw something that floats to anyone who has fallen in.


The Essex County Fire and Rescue Service have lots of useful information about staying safe in and around water.