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Healthy Relationships - resources for young people and parents/carers

Last updated by on Thursday, June 6, 2024


Asking for a Friend: 

Asking for a Friend is a dedicated site by Essex Sexual Health Services for young people under 25. It offers free, confidential, and non-judgmental sexual health services, including information on contraception, STIs, and sexual wellbeing. Users can access self-testing kits, book clinic appointments, and receive advice on various sexual health issues, making it easy to manage and discuss sexual health discreetly.



Parents and Carers:

The parents and carers section on the Essex Sexual Health Service site offers resources to support parents and carers in discussing relationships and sexual health education with young people. It includes guidance on navigating difficult conversations, understanding sexuality and gender, and supporting young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). The section emphasises the importance of open communication, informed decision-making, and providing a supportive environment for healthy development.