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Essex County Council Social Work Promise

Last updated by on Wednesday, November 29, 2023


Essex County Council has launched its new Social Work Promise, which is designed to strengthen social work practice across the county.


It has been developed with input from children and young people, with their insights helping to shape it. The aim of the promise is to strengthen relationships between children, families and social workers. By establishing a framework to measure success, it will also help ensure children and families receive the support they deserve.


The promise sets out eight commitments to every child or young person in Essex with a social worker.


  1. Spend time with you and get to know you.
  2. Listen to you and learn from you.
  3. Help you understand what is happening.
  4. Ask where you would like to meet.
  5. Work with you and your family to overcome problems.
  6. Work with your school to help you achieve your best.
  7. Ask you if you would like to attend and be involved in meetings about you.
  8. Help you understand when our time working together will come to an end.