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Update to Children and Families Hub Portal - Request for Support

Last updated by on Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Changes to the Request for Support (RFS) online referral form will come into effect from Tuesday 25th August 2020. These changes will help process requests more quickly and efficiently.


The changes are:


  • A separate text box to capture the family’s telephone number. This is so we can contact families more easily as our initial contact takes place via the telephone.


  • A mandatory ‘Yes/No’ question asking if you have explored community-based support services and what these services were in the ‘Reason for request’ section of the form. Community-based services are detailed in the Directory of Services on our website.


  • A mandatory ‘Yes/No’ question asking if you have held a Team Around the Family Meeting (TAF) and/or completed an Early Help Plan and what services were offered.  You can access support, guidance and advice from the Team Around the Family Support Officers (TAFSO’s) by contacting them at You can access Early Help resources and guidance from the Early Help section of the Essex Effective Support website.



Before making a Request for Support, please consider the family’s needs using the ‘Effective Support for Children and Families in Essex’ document on the Essex Safeguarding Children’s Board website. This document provides guidance for all practitioners in working together with children and families to provide early help, targeted and specialist support. 


Please remember that when you submit a Request for Support form on our website, you need to obtain consent from the family.  Best practice would be to ensure the family/young person are aware of your concerns prior to completing the Request For Support.


If a child or children require immediate protection, please call us on 03456 037 627 and ask for the Children and Families Hub Priority Line. Alternatively, call Essex Police on 999.