Family Innovation Fund (FIF) Early Help Services

Most people’s needs are usually best supported by those who already work with them for example, children’s centres, schools and GPs but sometimes they may need a little bit of extra support when a difficulty occurs. 

If you are working with a child, young person or family needing some extra help, you can refer them to the Family Innovation Fund (FIF) Early Help services, commissioned by Essex County Council to respond to low level needs of children, young people and their parents/carers.

Parents/carers and young people over 13 years can also refer themselves.

The only people not eligible for FIF are those already in receipt of specialist services, for example, the Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Service (EWMHS), Family Solutions or Social Care.

Early Help Vision
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How to report concerns

If you are concerned that a child or young person is being harmed or neglected or is at risk of this you should contact the Children and Families Hub. If possible, be clear about the service you require when ringing.

Telephone: 0345 603 7627 

Out of hours: (5.30pm - 9.00am Monday - Thursday, 4.30pm-9.00am - Friday and Bank holidays) Telephone: 0345 606 1212 Email: 

If there is an immediate risk of harm to a child then contact the Police on 999


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FIF Directory

The FIF Directory will tell you more about the services in your area. These cover:

  • Parenting Support
  • Counselling or Mediation
  • Coaching (14+ and parents) or Mentoring (8+ & parents)       
  • Young People Risky Behaviours