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I Didn’t Know … campaign has been set up collaboratively between Southend, Essex and Thurrock Local Safeguarding Children Boards and Essex Police.  

Inspired by a video project designed and created by the Essex Children in Care Council, it aims to raise awareness about Child Sexual Exploitation across the wider Essex area and support communities understanding of what CSE is, how to recognise it, and what to do to get help and support.

Tackling child sexual exploitation requires a commitment by everyone. Please help us support this campaign. Resources are on this page for you to download and use freely.

You can support this campaign by:

  • Talking to others and letting them know about the website.

  • Printing off resources and displaying them in public areas / training events etc.

  • Showing the website during training or raising awareness events.

  • Speaking to parents/carers, families, children and young people, and supporting them to understand where they can get help.

  • Sharing and promoting campaign resources via social media. Follow ESCB on Facebook and Twitter. Follow Essex Police on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


2017 Campaign Images

I Didn't Know...Stealing

I Didn't Know...Caught

I Didn't Know...Child

I Didn't Know...Concerned

I Didn't Know...Consent

I Didn't Know...Conviction

I Didn't Know...Drugs

I Didn't Know...Friends

I Didn't Know...Help

I Didn't Know...Knife

I Didn't Know...Mates

I Didn't Know...My Child

I Didn't Know...Raped

I Didn't Know...Sex Offender

BBC Interview with David Monk
Essex Police's Head of Protecting Vulnerable People, Matt Garratt, spoke about the 2017 Campaign

Case Studies

Alison's Story

Johnny's Story

Jane's Story

Carer's Case Study


Film 1 - How the Police tackle CSE 

Film 2 - Spotting the signs of CSE

Film 3 - Advice for professionals

Film 4 -  Advice for parents and carers

Film 5 - Keeping safe online


I didn’t know my daughter was being sexually exploited – I thought she was out with friends

I didn’t know I was being targeted for sex, I thought we were online friends

I didn’t know my boyfriend wanted me to have sex with his friends

I didn’t know if I had concerns about exploitation I could call the police

I didn’t know that texting a naked selfie to my girlfriend would end up on the internet forever


Parent/carer information leaflet

Safer Seafront booklet

Licensing Resources

Taxi stickers - side 1 Taxi stickers - side 2

Taxi information booklet

Licensed Business Premises leaflet

Licensed Business Premises leaflet (blank)

Private Taxi and Hackney Carriage laminate

NWG Awareness Day
Schools Project

Campaign support across Essex

Safer Seafronts

We know that our seafront communities are a popular gathering place for young people, but this comes with a risk, and research has shown higher levels of CSE incidents in these locations. That’s why we’re targeting our successful countywide I Didn’t Know campaign to our regions seafronts.

Leisure industry employees, particularly those working at night, are the eyes and ears of Essex’s streets. With the help of our communities, we can make the county a safer place to live and work.

This community safety booklet contains lots of information for those working in leisure industries to help them play their vital role in protecting the county’s young people from abuse.

Schools Project: Child Sexual Exploitation & Online Safety 

Young people have been telling us that they want schools to be involved on this subject and that providing information about healthy relationships, unhealthy relationships both directly and online, and child sexual exploitation is really important to them.  They see schools as a place they can ask for help, all of this we can support further across Essex. 

We have collected views (over 600 responses from Year 6 and over 2500 responses for year 8)  and will be feeding back soon, but parents can still contribute by completing the survey below.


We would very much value your views about child sexual exploitation and children’s on-line safety, it is important that we understand what your views are so that we can ensure that agencies across Essex are delivering the right support.  Parents and families are often secondary victims of child sexual exploitation, they are also in the best position to pick up and spot early warning signs of exploitation happening, so it is crucial that we build ways to listen to children, young people and parents, raise awareness, and consider how we tackle child sexual exploitation together. 

Parents On-Line Survey 

5-19 service at Provide 

Supported the “I Didn’t Know campaign” by:

  • Sent out the information about the schools project to all of our contacts within schools. 
  • Highlighted it at Healthy Schools network meetings with both primary and secondary schools. 
  • Included it in our latest Healthy Schools newsletter which goes to all of the schools.
  • Taking the parents questionnaire to parents internet safety workshops. Also highlighted at parents workshops ran by our parenting lead.
  • Via social media
Other Campaigns

Disrespect Nobody

This Home Office campaign aims to prevent young people (aged 12 to 18 years old) from becoming perpetrators and victims of abusive relationships by encouraging them to re-think their views of abuse, controlling behaviour and what consent and sexting means within relationships.

Find out more on this 2017 Campaign Brief, which includes a link to download campaign materials, a selection of which are available below. 

Sexting - poster and GIF

Consent - poster and GIF

Violence - poster and GIF

LGBT - poster

PSHE Teaching Resources - access Key Stages 2-5 lesson plans on preventing teenage relationship abuse