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Hate Crime

Hate Crime

‘Hate Crime’ is the generic term used to discuss both Hate Crimes and Hate Incidents.


Hate Crimes are any crimes perceived by the victim or any other person, to be motivated by hostility or prejudice.


Hate Incidents feel like crimes and often escalate to crimes or tensions in a community.


Both are committed because of a person’s actual or perceived:



Hate Crime, by individuals or groups, can take many forms, such as:


Hate Crime can be any action or behaviour, as long as someone perceives the action or behaviour as motivated by hostility or prejudice.


It does not matter if the victim actually has the characteristic(s) they think they were targeted for. It only matters that the perpetrator believes they have that characteristic.


Reporting Hate Crime

It is important to report Hate Crime so that people affected by it can get help and support. Reporting Hate Crime can also help the police and other agencies deliver a response. Anyone can report Hate Crime, regardless of whether they are the victim, witness or are reporting on behalf of someone else.


There are several ways to report Hate Crime. You can:


For information and support:



The Strategic Hate Crime Prevention Partnership

The Strategic Hate Crime Prevention Partnership (SHCPP) is a multi-agency partnership in Essex, established to ensure that the core principles of ‘Action against Hate 2016’ - the government’s plan to tackle Hate Crime – are enshrined in the activities of all authorities, agencies and groups involved in tackling Hate Crime across Essex. The SHCPP consists of partners from Essex County Council, Essex Police, Office for the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, Victim Support and Stop Hate UK amongst others.


The SHCPP delivers a strategy and action to address how services respond to Hate Crime in Essex.  The strategy shares the aims of the Future of Essex, the partnership vision of a county where every single person has the support, the opportunity, and the self-belief to fulfil the promise of their potential. To find out more please click on the following links:



If you require any further information about the partnership or would like to speak to the partnership’s coordinator about Hate Crime-related activity please contact the Hate Crime Champion, Lauren McSpadden at


For more information visit or and search for ‘Hate Crime’.