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Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health


The Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Service (EWMHS) is a free service providing both preventative resources and targeted, specialist emotional wellbeing and mental health support for young people aged between 0-18, living in Southend, Essex or Thurrock. EWMHS is also available to anybody with Special Educational Needs (SEN) up to the age of 25.


The type of support offered by the EWMHS will vary depending on the needs of the young person. The service offer a range of both individual and group talking therapies.


To access the service:


Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Information for Schools


Let's Talk: Reducing the Risk of Suicide - Promoting positive emotional wellbeing and reducing the risk of suicidal thoughts and actions in Children and Young People


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Adults Social Care and Assessment Team


For some people, mental health issues can see their lives ‘spiral’ but what if you could introduce specialist support when things first start to go wrong and help support recovery before homelessness, a job loss or a family break-up occurs?


Essex County Council’s Mental Health Social Care and Assessment team offers early intervention, prevention and recovery to tackle issues before they become overwhelming.


The team, which includes social workers specialising in mental health, will accept referrals from young people with a mental health condition aged 18 and over. It aims to help people use their own skills and resources to achieve their goals, addressing a range of issues relating to their mental health including employment and housing. This includes signposting to resources within the wider community and working closely with statutory services, voluntary, and charitable organisations to promote residents’ wellbeing. 

To make a referral:

Call: 03330 322958 (9am-5pm Monday – Thursday, 9am-4.30pm – Friday).


The team will accept referrals for people aged 18 and above within the boundaries of Essex County Council, where a social care assessment is required in response to their mental health condition.


Who can make a referral?

  •      Professionals who work or volunteer with young people aged 18 and above
  •      Young people aged 18 and above can also refer themselves directly


Please note, that for all referrals, the mental health condition must be the primary need.