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World Mental Health Awareness Day

Last updated by Chelsey Reynolds on Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Today, Wednesday 10 October is World Mental Health Awareness Day #WMHDay. The aim of the day is to raise public awareness about mental health issues and promotes discussion on illness, as well as investment in prevention and treatment services.

This year's campaign focuses on young people and mental health in a changing world. On average, 3 children in every class of 30 are suffering mental health problems. 75% of mental illnesses start before a child reaches their 18th birthday. Acting at the first sign of mental health issues in young people can stop problems becoming more serious and acute.

Spending time on social media and other internet sites can trigger and exacerbate mental health problems in young people. It’s important that parents are aware of the dangers that exist in the new online world their children inhabit and know how to protect their children.

Find out more about keeping your children safe online. If you are worried that your child is struggling with their mental health, there is help available for them. Check out this guide for parents. There is further information about Mental Health and Wellbeing on our webpage.


If you’re a young person who is struggling with your mental health, there are people who you can talk to any time, anywhere. Go online and check out Big White Wall or Kooth. You are not alone, there are people who understand and can help.