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SET Exploitation Strategy & Missing People Strategy 2019-2024

Last updated by on Friday, March 27, 2020


Southend, Essex and Thurrock (SET) Exploitation Strategy 2019 – 2024


To be used by all key partners and stakeholders, the vision of this strategy is to prevent the exploitation of any person (child or adult) living in our community, and to ensure that communities, businesses and workforces are confident and competent in recognising and responding to early indicators of abuse or vulnerability.


To achieve this, the strategy will focus on four closely interconnected objectives:


  • To prepare the partnership and communities in understanding the scope and breadth of the problem, to understand our problem-profile, what risk looks like and understand how and what we do makes a difference to communities.
  • To commit to a whole community approach to prevention, ensuring that ‘blame’ is not placed on the child, their families, and adults at risk for the occurrence of exploitation itself.
  • To protect and support victims of exploitation and their families by providing the best possible support, intervention and services. Including recognising when victims are further recruited, coerced or threatened into facilitating the abuse of other victims.
  • To pursue and respond to perpetrators of exploitation, holding them to account through enforcement activities and activities which deter perpetrators from abusing children and adults at risk across SET.


Engagement across the whole workforce is required to address perpetrators, to protect and support victims, and try to prevent exploitation through raising awareness in the community and disrupting criminal activity.


SET Child Exploitation Strategy



Southend, Essex and Thurrock (SET) Missing People Strategy 2019 – 2024


This strategy aims to build upon existing good work in Southend, Essex and Thurrock, by preventing people from going missing in the first place, and limiting the harm associated with people going missing.


The strategy acknowledges that not every person who goes missing is vulnerable and in need of support or protection and therefore it is vital to assess the level of risk involved when someone goes missing, and to be able to communicate this to others. In order to do this the strategy focusses on four closely interconnected objectives:


  • To Prepare, and introduce Preventative measures to reduce the number of episodes of people going missing.
  • To Pursue and Respond consistently, appropriately and proportionately, to missing persons episodes.
  • To provide the best possible Support to missing people and their families
  • To Protect People at risk, to reduce the risk of harm.


Families, friends and communities can be confident that when people go missing in Southend, Essex and Thurrock, the agencies responsible for finding them are already working together to minimise the likelihood that they will come to harm.


SET Missing Strategy