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How to Halloween in 2020!

Last updated by on Wednesday, November 11, 2020


The Socially Distanced Halloween!


Celebrations for younger children

If you normally celebrate Halloween but are wondering how to do it safely this year, how about joining a local pumpkin hunt? Many communities have set up family friendly halloween trails, which you can enjoy socially distanced with your little ones. Prizes for the most pumpkins spotted! Or how about some spooky games at home? Turn off the lights, grab a torch and get creative. And of course, there's always apple bobbing!


A digital halloween for older children

For older children, no trick or treating may mean more time online. Be aware children may encounter frightening digital content or be faced with peer pressure to share or participate in scary or dangerous online trends. Find out more about our online safety advice for parents and carers.


Wellbeing for young people

For some young people who are used to spending lots of time with friends at this time of year with Halloween and Fireworks Nights, it can feel quite lonely. Remember to talk, listen and re-assure young people it is ok to not be ok. There is help out there, young people can use online services such as Kooth or The Big White Wall.