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Did You Know...? Online Safety Campaign re-launches ahead of Christmas

Last updated by on Monday, December 7, 2020


Online safety is as important as ever in the lead up to the festive season. With so much learning and socialising still being carried out online due to Covid restrictions technology is sure to be on Christmas lists this yearThe Essex Safeguarding Children Board are reminding parents that if their child does receive new technology for Christmas, it’s important to set up devices correctly to keep them safe when online. 


The campaign will run – 13 December with a host of resources being shared including podcasts, videos and webinars and will cover topics such as online gaming, youth involved sexual images and online bullying. It aims to challenge the perception that the victim is to blame; instead creating a supportive network around the child in which they feel able to speak openly about concerns they may have 


Activity schedule: 


Monday 7 December  

  • General internet safety podcast from The 2 Johns  
  • Facebook Live Q&A from The 2 Johns at 6pm 


Tuesday 8 December  

  • Relationship and Sex Education (parents of primary school children) live webinar from Brook Essex  
  • How pre-schoolers and young children view the world through the lens of the internet podcast from The 2 Johns 


Wednesday 9 December  

  • Pre-teens access to the internet, social media and technology podcast by Barnardos and The Children’s Society  


Thursday 10 December  

  • How to have difficult conversations with your child video from the Essex Child and Family Wellbeing Service 
  • Relationship and Sex Education (parents of secondary school children) live webinar from Brook Essex  


Friday 11 December  

  • Online gaming and making new technology safe video from the Violence and Vulnerability Unit  


Saturday 12 December  

  • Youth involved sexual images podcast from The 2 Johns  


Sunday 13 December  

  • Online bullying podcast from The 2 Johns  


People can also follow the campaign on the ESCB Facebook page and Twitter account.