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Clare Livens, Child Exploitation Manager - Blog January 2019

Last updated by Chelsey Reynolds on Monday, January 28, 2019


Happy new year to you all, and firstly a huge congratulations to everyone in ECC Children and Families service, and their partners, for their ‘outstanding’ inspection. It was noted that;

“..staff respond robustly to the needs of children at risk of exploitation and those that go missing from home and/or missing from care…the gangs intervention service and community safety partnerships are working together to enhance the response to wider child exploitation concerns. Effective disruption activities have taken place with partner agencies, such as Operation Henderson and Raptor with Essex Police”.

It is fantastic that all the hard work invested by all partners across Essex over the last few years in tackling Child Exploitation is well noted and acknowledged.


We have continued to learn a lot about exploitation over the last year through multi-agency data and Missing and Child Exploitation (MACE) meetings. Tendring continues to show the highest rate of child exploitation related concerns whereas a reduction in reporting is now being noted across the Mid areas of Chelmsford, Braintree and Maldon.  We are also seeing a rise in reports and identification across the West Essex area.  If you see something you are concerned about, or want to report any information/intelligence you might have to the police in relation to any form of child exploitation (not just sexual exploitation), the Essex Police Child Information Sharing Form should be used; full details can be found within the SET CSE Toolbox. This could be a description of a person, nicknames, or details of a premises or vehicle which causes concerns for example.  Also, remember to let parents you work with know about the Essex Police Parent Hotline, 01245 452058. This hotline can be accessed Monday to Friday 08:00-16:00 and has a voicemail option out of these hours.  Many parents talk about having information but are not sure who they should share it with; this hotline allows members of the public to report quickly and easily to the Triage Team within Essex Police without having to go through 101.


Notably, our highest concerns are relating to children being criminally exploited, this accounts for just over two thirds of reported risks to children in relation to exploitation across Essex, whereas the sexual exploitation of children is only reported in under half of reported exploitation cases. In particular, we are seeing a reduction in reporting of boys and young men in relation to sexual exploitation.  Therefore, it is important when we are identifying the risk of exploitation to boys and young men that we always hold in mind the possibility of sexual abuse occurring.   If you are unsure about the risk associated with sexual exploitation you can utilise the SET CSE Risk and Vulnerabilities Assessment to guide you through the risk and vulnerability factors for the young person.  This assessment is available for any professional to use to support and guide your thinking, and is best used in partnership with the family and other organisations/ professionals working with the family.


Finally, over 2018 the ESCB commissioned 8 CSE Advanced level training days; these have been well attended from a range of agencies and the feedback has been excellent. Some of the comments received:

Very informative and well-paced. Good focus on trauma”.

I knew quite a bit about CSE, but this had much more depth.”

Brilliant, kept me engaged, very informative made me reflect on my own practice as well as my team…

We will therefore be commissioning NWG to provide a further 4 courses across Essex in 2019, check out our learning and development pages for CSE to view the dates and book on.  We have some availability for dates in February and March.


As always, please feel free to contact me to discuss anything within my blog or in relation to child exploitation., 07788303718