Essex Prevent Safeguarding Arrangements

Prevent is the multi-agency set of arrangements aimed at preventing individuals and groups from engaging in violent extremism. Prevent is not aimed at suppressing freedom of thought and expression.

Early indicators of extremism may include:

  • Showing sympathy for extremist causes
  • Glorifying violence
  • Evidence of possessing illegal or extremist literature
  • Advocating messages similar to illegal organisations such as ‘Muslims Against Crusades’ or other non-proscribed extremist groups such as the English Defence league
  • Out of character changes in dress, behaviour and peer relationships

(reproduced from Tower Hamlets LSCB Prevent guidance 2015)

Essex Channel Panel

The Channel Panel is the multi-agency mechanism that oversees and co-ordinates Prevent interventions in Essex. The panel has a statutory basis: under the terms of the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015, local authorities must:

  • Ensure a multi-agency panel exists and chair the panel
  • Use the panel to develop a support plan for accepted cases and signpost to other support where cases are not accepted
  • Ensure consent is sought prior to support being provided
  • Co-operate with other panel partners

    (South East Counter Terrorism Unit 2015)

The Channel Panel will meet on a six weekly basis. Permanent members will include senior managers from Adult and Family Operations, and Essex Police Prevent team. Other agencies will be invited depending on need. Further guidance on the Channel Panel.

Potential referrals should be discussed with the relevant quadrant Prevent Champion, who will advise whether they should be referred to Channel. A referral form should be completed and returned to Essex Police ( will be considered at the next available meeting.

Referral form
Essex Prevent Multi-agency group
The Essex Prevent Multi-Agency Group provides strategic oversight, direction and co-ordination of the activities that deliver Prevent work. The Essex Prevent Multi-Agency group meets quarterly and is comprised of representatives of all key agencies charged with delivering Prevent in Essex. The Group is currently chaired by the ECC Head of Adult Safeguarding. Board members include: Essex Police Prevent team, an ECC Family Operations Safeguarding Lead, the ECC Schools Safeguarding Advisor, community safety representatives from all district and borough councils, probation and the Youth Offending Team.
Radicalisation Helpline

The NSPCC radicalisation helpline supports adults who have concerns about children and young people being radicalised or who need advice on how to talk to their children about issues related to terrorism. 

Telephone: 0808 800 5000

What to do if concerned

Any worker who has concerns someone is vulnerable to radicalisation should contact Essex Police Prevent team. If you have concerns a crime is being committed, planned, or you are aware of any terrorist activity please contact Essex Police on either 999 (if urgent) or 101 (for all other enquiries).

Other referrals should be made to the Children & Families Hub using the current processes.

Parents and carers should be involved in discussion about any extremism concerns at the earliest point possible unless this would increase risk to a child or young person.

Run, Hide, Tell

PREVENT Policy and Guidance (SET)

A guide for local partnerships and agencies in Southend, Essex and Thurrock in preventing radicalisation.

Learning and Development
Staff are required to attend a Prevent briefing which covers awareness, recognition of risks, and guidance on responses. Briefings will be delivered by an accredited WRAP (Working to Raise Awareness of Prevent) trainer. Each quadrant or specialist service area within Essex County Council will have a Prevent Champion who will deliver briefings and provide advice and guidance to staff. Find out more in the Learning and Development Section.

Home Office eLearning: Prevent (Please note: This package has been designed for those in the education sector. While the learnings are applicable across all public sectors, the current content (for example use of case studies) focuses on students; school and college environments; and means for sharing concerns within an educational setting, so please bear this in mind while using this training. Models for other sectors are currently in development.)

PREVENT in the Youth Offending Service
All YOS Practice Supervisors across the County are Prevent Champions. This includes four locality teams and one county-wide team. All will be WRAP trained and will be responsible for training and disseminating information to their respective teams surrounding Prevent.
Contacts and Useful Information

Prevent Champions:

West: Sue McCann

South: Seriol Jones

North and Family Operations Hub:

Lorna Costello Penny Parvin (FOH) Jeannie.Butler

Mid: Paula Ash             

Channel Panel administrator: Sophie Scollen

Essex Police Prevent Team:

DC Rachael Harris Tel: 01245 452196

Other resources:


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