Publication Updates on CSE and Missing

Appropriate Language: Child sexual/criminal exploitation

The Children's Society, Victim Support and the National Police Chief's Council have created this guidance.

Harmful Sexual Behaviour 

Tri.x briefing on two guides published over the summer on improving the quality of services to Young People with Harmful Sexual Behaviour. 

NICE and NSPCC, November 2016.

Missing Children Who Cares? 

The police response to missing and absent children

HMIC, March 2016. 

 Boys Don’t Cry

 Improving identification and disclosure of sexual exploitation among boys and young men  trafficked to the UK. 

 Children’s Society. March 2016.

Getting Help: What children tell us about accessing services after sexual abuse

Report highlighting what children and young people are telling ChildLine about their expectations and experiences of receiving therapeutic services.

NSPCC, Feb 2016. 

Someone to Lean On

A guide for mental health and social care practitioners working with children who have been sexually abused

NSPCC, Feb 2016. 

Time to Deliver: considering pregnancy and parenthood in the UK's response to human trafficking

Report warning that victims of trafficking who are pregnant or have children are 'systematically  overlooked' in the UK.  

The Anti-Trafficking Monitoring Group, Feb 2016.

Summit Report

Best practices and key challenges on interagency cooperation to safeguard unaccompanied children from going missing. 

Missing Children Europe, Feb 2016

Local Perspectives in Ending Gang and Youth Violence Areas

Study to understand perceptions of the nature of urban street gangs and whether these gangs have changed in recent years. 

Home Office, Jan 2016

Mandatory Reporting of Female Genital Mutilation

Factsheet and what it means for professionals affected by the duty. 

DfE, Jan 2016

  Dare to Care Campaign

  Sarah Champion, MP for Rotherham launched the campaign, which aims to     ensure every child is safe from abuse and to challenge the normalisation of   violence in young people's relationships. 

  This website provides resources to tackle abuse and relationship violence.