Honour Based Abuse and Forced Marriage

Honour Based Abuse is an International term used by many cultures for justification of abuse and violence. Honour based abuse will often go hand in hand with forced marriages, although this is not always the case.  Honour crimes and forced marriages are already covered by the law, and can involve a range of criminal offences.

This is not a crime which is perpetrated by men only, sometimes female relatives will support, incite or assist. It is also not unusual for younger relatives to be selected to undertake the abuse as a way to protect senior members of the family.

Honour Based Abuse is often the collective term used to include Female Genital Mutilation and Forced Marriage

In a forced marriage you are coerced into marrying someone against your will. You may be physically threatened or emotionally blackmailed to do so. It is an abuse of human rights and cannot be justified on any religious or cultural basis.

It’s not the same as an arranged marriage where you have a choice as to whether to accept the arrangement or not. The tradition of arranged marriages has operated successfully within many communities and countries for a very long time.

The Forced Marriage Unit (FMU) is dedicated both to preventing British nationals being forced into marriage overseas and to assisting anyone in the UK faced with the prospect of being forced into a marriage. If you are worried that you might be forced into a marriage or are worried about someone else who may be you can contact the FMU confidentially on: 020 7008 0151 (or 0044 20 7008 0151 if you are overseas)

Further information for victims of forced marriage can be found here

If you require any help, support or advice please ring Essex Police. If there is an immediate threat to life, or the immediate threat of being taken abroad, ring the emergency number, or the forced marriage unit.

Emergency number: 999 Non emergency number: 101

Forced Marriage Unit: (+44) 020 7008 0151

Other useful resources

Karma Nirvana Honour Network: 0800 5999 247

Forward: 0208 960 4000 

Womens Aid:  0808 2000 247