The Essex Safeguarding Children Board

The Essex Safeguarding Children Board (ESCB) is a statutory multi agency organisation which brings together agencies who work to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people in Essex. The Children Act 2004 required every local authority to set up a Local Safeguarding Children Board. The ESCB is Essex's response to this.

The aim of the Board is to improve outcomes for children by co-ordinating the work of local agencies to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and ensuring the effectiveness of that work. The ESCB works with Essex County Council, Essex Police, Essex Probation, Education Services, Health Services and the Voluntary Sector. We also do work with the Southend and Thurrock Local Safeguarding Children Boards.

ESCB Structure Chart - August 2018

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Working Together to Safeguard Children 2015

Children Act 2004

  • Policies, Procedures & Practice Development 

  • Performance, Audit & Quality Assurance (with multi-agency case audits carried out by a sub group)

  • Learning and Development

  • Communications

  • Child Exploitation and Missing

  • Serious Case Reviews

  • Child Death Overview

Business Support Team

Officers currently supporting the Board and their responsibilities are as follows:


Alison Cutler

Business Manager

Full time post funded by the Board

Overall Board manager and manager of Support Team. Responsible for the production and monitoring of the Board business plan and budget, for ensuring the effectiveness of Board business processes, agenda planning, performance monitoring, serious case reviews, child death reviews, communication functions and relationship with the Essex Joint Working Arrangements and other relevant strategic groups. 

Supports the Board, Executive Group, Performance Management Group, Serious Case Review Workstream and Panels and Health Safeguarding Workstream.

Karen Hammett 

Practice Development Manager

Full time post funded by the Board

Responsible for Board activity in relation to training and development, policy and procedure, implementation of Board serious case review recommendations, relations with the voluntary and community sector and providing advice and guidance on practice development.  

Supports the Training and Development Workstreams and SET Policy and Procedure Group.  Supports ad hoc working groups, represents the Board on partnership forums such as SportEssex. 

Janet Levett

Child Death Review Manager

Full time post funded by Essex, Southend and Thurrock LSCBs

Responsible for the management of child death review activity across Essex, Southend and Thurrock Boards including conduct of reviews, creation of CDR Annual Report, monitoring of the implementation of recommendations and coordinating Board activities to disseminate and respond to identified themes and trends and corresponding recommendations. 

Supports the Strategic Child Death Overview Panel and Local Child Death Review Panels.

James Rist

ESCB Performance Analyst

Full time post funded by Essex County Council

Responsibilities are to provide relevant multi-agency performance data and analysis to the Board in relation to safeguarding effectiveness.  This includes the publication of a Quarterly multi-agency performance Dashboard and more in-depth analytical reports, whose purpose is to highlight risk areas in support of the Board’s challenge function.  In addition to this, co-ordinates the Section 11 Safeguarding Audit process. 

Works primarily to the Performance & Quality Assurance sub committee.

Stephanie Rosser

Senior Communications Officer

Part time post funded by the Board

Communications lead for the ESCB, maintaining the website, Twitter and promoting awareness campaigns. Administers the Communications sub-committee meetings.

Jodie Attreed

Project Officer

Full time post funded by the Board

Provides administrative support to all Board activity, Board managers and the Independent Chair. 

Clerks all workstream meeting outside of SCR and CDR.  Monitors the Board budget, assists with specific project work.  Responsible for up keep and distribution of SET Procedures.  Acts as Office Manager.

Alexandra Stebbings

Project Officer

Full time post funded by the Board

Responsible for project managing the serious case review (SCR) process from the point of referral to the completion of the review, including the commissioning of independent case reviewers / SCR authors. Co-ordinates the SCR Sub-Committee and monitors the recommendations from all Serious Case Reviews.

Vanessa Rooke

Training Administrator

Part time post funded by the Board

Centrally administers the Board’s training activity including booking course venues, dealing with application forms, allocating places and issuing certificates of attendance.

Amy Lapite

Legal Advisor Deputy County Solicitor, Essex County Council 

Provided by Essex County Council

Provides legal advice to the Board and its workstreams, advises on procedural and governance matters.

Clare Livens

Child Exploitation Project Manager

Fixed term full time post up to March 2019 (jointly funded by Essex County Council and ESCB)

Responsible for strengthening the understanding of Board Members in their safeguarding and information sharing duties to ensure that any approach established around CSE in Essex is coordinated and effective. Working towards delivering a more transparent, robust CSE approach to ensure that families within Essex are suitably safeguarded and supported.