Safeguarding Audit

Children Safeguarding Audit now reporting every 2 years

In order to reduce the workload on Partner Agencies the Essex Safeguarding Children and Adult Boards have agreed for Partners to complete their respective safeguarding audits on alternate years. For the present time the audits will continue to be hosted online via the (Virtual College) audit tool.

New Audit Schedules:

New Safeguarding Adults Audit 2016-18 will commence in October 2016

New S11 Safeguarding Children Audit 2017-19 will commence in October 2017

Our aim is to ensure that information you have already submitted as part of the 2014-15 safeguarding audits (in the form of your scores, narrative, and uploaded documents) is not lost and can be carried forward in the new audit where possible.  Additional standards may, however, be added to the Safeguarding Audits, and you will be informed about this nearer the time.

Finalising progress of your current Safeguarding Audit action plans for 2014-15                                  

The Essex Safeguarding Children Board will be giving Partner Agencies up to 30th September 2016 to update their current  S11 (audit) action plans; thereafter this audit will be closed.    This will be moderated and the results reported to the ESCB around December 2016.

Why are we doing this audit?

Chapter 3 of the DfE guidance ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children’ 2015 states that Local Safeguarding Children Boards (LSCBs) have a statutory duty to assess how well, and to what level, its partners are fulfilling their obligations to safeguard and promote the welfare of children under Section 11 of the Children Act 2004. This requirement is carried out through a regular cycle of auditing of partners' safeguarding effectiveness.

The standards and criteria for this year’s Section 11 audit (S11) were developed and agreed by Essex, Southend and Thurrock Safeguarding Children Boards. There are user guides to help you complete the audit.

The 2014-15 Section 11 Audit cycle is now complete and the ESCB will be monitoring partners' progress against their action plans during 2015-16.

How does it work?

This S11 audit has been designed within an online audit tool called Enable which is hosted by Virtual College. Enable is designed as a continuous self-improvement tool for organisations to use throughout the year, rather than just as a one-off exercise. The means a continuous audit trail showing any changes that are made, by whom, when and for what reason, allowing organisations to track their level of compliance against the safeguarding standards, and the progress of action points. Users can log in and out whenever necessary or share the audit between individuals in their organisation, encouraging regular re-assessment and action tracking.

Logging on or registering to use Enable

Users and Reviewers within partner organisations that have been pre-authorised by the Safeguarding Board to use the Enable system are sent an email from the Virtual College inviting them to log in. Additional users of the system can be requested from the Safeguarding Board by completing a Registration Form. Please note these web browser and system requirements for accessing Enable.

Structure of the S11 Audit

This S11 audit comprises seven categories with a total of 36 standards (known as questions in Enable) across all categories. Within each of the standards there are a series of criteria that need to be fulfilled. For each standard (question) organisations are required to score their compliance against the criteria on a scale 0-100% and we have provided a Guide to Scoring to help you to do this, which provides suggested scores against all the standards and criteria within the S11.  

Additionally, organisations may provide evidence in the form of narrative and uploaded documents to support their self-assessment. Where the organisation does not fully meet the required criteria, the audit tool enables an Action Plan to be created which details the actions needed, assigned person and progress status.

Completing the S11 Audit

A number of guidance documents are available to walk you through the process of undertaking the audit (these can be found in the resources and guidance section.) It may help to decide on the scoring and to gather together the evidence that you want to include before working on a particular section within Enable. You can copy and paste information into Enable from other electronic files, and also between the S11 audit and the Safeguarding Adults audit (if your organisation has been allocated both).

What happens to the information?

The tool is for you to assess your current compliance and use it to develop an improvement plan. Analysis will be done on the responses to allow the Board to gain an overview of the general position around the County. 

Registration Links

The link to the Enable log in page is here.

For a password re-set go to login page and select ‘Forgotten your password?’ at the bottom of page, or select this forgotten password link. 

The link to the registration page for new users who wish to request a log-in is here.

Further Help

Any questions?

For any queries regarding the content of the S11, and the process of completing the audit online, email safeguarding audit or call 0333 013 1668

For queries relating to logging in and technical issues with the Enable system please contact Virtual College or tel: 01943 885083