Children Affected by Parental Imprisonment

Children affected by parental imprisonment are a priority group for Barnardo’s. We have been engaged in work which supports them and their families for over 20 years in both prison and community based settings. We are working to make sure that children affected by parental imprisonment are recognised and heard, receive appropriate support and have opportunities equal to their peers.

Essex CAPI offers: Community based support, working with parents and carers, work in partnership with the prison service, resources and training for professionals, influencing and researching, research and evaluation, consultancy and work with young parents.


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The CAPI (Children Affected by Parental Imprisonment) Project supported by the South Children’s Partnership Board works with I-HOP (Information Hub on Offenders’ families with children for Professionals) is a one-stop information and advice service to support all professionals in working with children and families of offenders, including frontline staff, strategic managers and commissioners. 

The Essex CAPI Service have produced a range of leaflets which are available for downloading and printing and these can be accessed through the i-HOP website including:

  • A Guide For Professionals
  • A Guide For Schools
  • A Guide For Families During The Early Stages Of Imprisonment
  • Hidden Sentence Training
i-HOP have produced a set of Quality Statements for all services (universal, targeted and criminal justice) to aspire to and a Toolkit to help you self-assess your service’s work with the children of offenders. Download the i-HOP Quality Statements and Toolkit for free.