Towards a Confident Child Protection Practice - Professor David Shemmings

Friday, 19 October 2018

Thurrock LSCB are please to offer this one day programme supporting the learning directly from recent SCR’s, Professor Shemmings will be delivering a full day seminar to include learning and analysis around:

  • Disguised Compliance
  • Respectful Questioning
  • Questioning and Challenging Self Reporting
  • Accepting Information

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The Psychology of the Offender Training - Zoe Lodrick

11 September 2018 and 9 January 2019

Thurrock LSCB are pleased to two half day training sessions on The Psychology of the Offender presented by Zoe Lodrick.

The sessions will include:

  • The process that precedes offending (Finklehor’s ‘Preconditions Model’)

  • The ‘socially skilled’ sex offender

  • How and why they target certain victims

  • What the psychology of the offender does to the psychology of the victim; with emphasis on the typology/motivation of the offender

  • The distorted thinking of sex offenders as reflected in society

  • The importance of understanding sex offenders in order to safeguard people from them, recognising them, interviewing and prosecuting them.

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Walk Online Roadshow for Parents, Carers and Professionals

19 September 2018 - 19:00 till 21:00


Our "Walk On Line" events open your eyes to the world our children and young people face. You will gain a greater understanding on what and how our children are using social media and the internet.  All children from whatever background face the risks of exploitation. Lets reduce the risk for Thurrocks children. The event will take you on a journey of "The Dark Web" and how to help your child to stay safe. 

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Thurrock LSCB Charging Policy

Fee Paying Courses                                                        Full Day                                                Half Day

LSCB Board Member                                                      £50                                                         £30

Private/profit making organisation                             £100                                                       £60

Voluntary/Charity/community                                    £25                                                          £15

Non-attendance without 48 hours’ notice                £50                                                         £50