Safeguarding Children Level 2

Multi-agency safeguarding children level 2 training courses

Safeguarding children level 2 courses for early years and childcare settings

Safeguarding children level 2 training for in house/bespoke training courses

Multi-agency Safeguarding Children Level 2 training

Training provider:

Reconstruct are the commissioned provider of level 2 safeguarding children training in Essex.

Target audience:

For those who work directly with children, young people and their families in Essex on a regular basis.

Course requirements

ESCB expects anyone attending this course has previously completed Safeguarding level 1 e learning package or equivalent.

Cost to participants:


Essex Council for Voluntary Youth Service (ECVYS) members are able to attend at a reduced price


All other Voluntary/Charity Organisations


Health/Police/Probation services/Local government, schools and community interest companies


Private, independent and profit-making organisations



To develop an enhanced understanding of safeguarding children including identifying and responding to concerns.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Recognise, respond to and how to share safeguarding concerns
  • Understand the safeguarding roles of parents and carers and recognise factors that may impact on parenting capacity.
  • Understand the diversity of different cultural and religious beliefs when working together to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.
  • Understanding and recognising the barriers for non-engagement and/or non-compliance by children, young people and/or their families
  • To understand how to appropriately contribute to inter-agency assessment by gathering and sharing information appropriately
  • Understand how to challenge other professionals and how to escalate concerns appropriately
  • Understand boundaries of personal competence and responsibility; know when to involve others and where to get advice and support.
  • Be able to communicate effectively and develop working relationships with other practitioners and professionals, children and families to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.
  • To have a working knowledge of the current SET Procedures & Working Together 2015
  • To have a clear understanding of how families can access support across all levels of need
  • To understand how to communicate effectively with children and young people
  • Know how and when to consult with a safeguarding lead or designated safeguarding officer
  • Being an effective advocate for children and families ensuring that the child’s wishes and feelings are taken into account at all times
  • Be able to evidence their assessment of need using the Effective Support for Children and Families in Essex
  • To be able to document concerns in a manner that is appropriate for safeguarding/child protection and legal processes



Colchester  Monday 24 September  9.30am-4.30pm  Course full
 Chelmsford  Monday 15 October 2018 9.30am-4.30pm  Course full 
Wickford   Wednesday 14 November 2018  9.30am-4.30pm   Course full
Harlow  Thursday 6 December 2018 9.30am-4.30pm   Course cancelled
Chelmsford  Tuesday, 15 January 2019 9.30am-4.30pm Click here to book
Colchester  Thursday, 7 February 2019 9.30am-4.30 pm Click here to book
 Wickford Tuesday, 12 March 2019 9.30am-4.30 pm Click here to book

Venue details will be provided when your place is confirmed

Safeguarding Children Level 2 for Early Years and Childcare Providers

Essex Early Years and Childcare have now taken on the responsibility for Level 2 training for our sector. Reconstruct are the new provider.

The EYCC Workforce Development team will be managing all the back office functions /administration for our courses and this will include ensuring that the course content is relevant, meets the requirements of the EYCC sector and is regularly reviewed. Practitioners will be able to book directly onto the course in the same way as any other, via the EES system.  Please enter 'level 2' in keyword.

Safeguarding Children Level 2 for in house/bespoke training courses

If you would like to discuss having level 2 safeguarding children package within your organisation please contact Reconstruct

By email or call them on 01895 549910.