Monitoring and Evaluation Toolkit


This toolkit has been produced by the Essex Safeguarding Children Board and the Essex Safeguarding Adult Board and provides organisations with:
• Best practice guidance on methods and considerations needed when monitoring and evaluating learning and development opportunities
• Methods of measuring the impact of those activities
• Guidance on commissioning safeguarding training

With effective monitoring and evaluation, organisations can ensure they have a competent workforce and they will be able to reassure regulatory bodies they are doing everything necessary to maintain high professional standards, improve performance and achieve results.

Organisations can use the toolkit before, during and after the learning event. The toolkit has been developed by a multi-agency group and the examples have been taken from different types of agencies to give a broad picture across the sector.

Appendices – examples for you to use

The following appendices are designed for agencies to be able to us as they wish – each appendix can be downloaded or printed and adapted as required. They are examples only.

Appendix 1: Considerations prior to commissioning all safeguarding training
Appendix 2: Training course content
Appendix 3: Commissioning of e learning provision
Appendix 4: Checklist for commissioning face to face training for both internal and external trainers
Appendix 5: Administration of learning and development opportunities
Appendix 6:
Methods of evaluation
- ECL Supervision Record Form
- Post course evaluation - example
- ECL Staff Support and Record Q&A
- ESCB & ESAB Safeguarding Self-Assessment
Appendix 7: Sample impact assessment model - basic principles
Appendix 8: Trainer feedback forms – examples
- EYCC Tutor Evaluation Form
Appendix 9: Evaluation form - example
- CIN Evaluation Form - blank
- EYCC On the Day Evaluation Form